Sometimes, you just can't beat a spot of proper pub food. Whether you're after a Sunday roast, bangers and mash, or a nice big steak and ale pie, there are plenty of places in Cardiff and the surrounding area to grab some cockle-warming pub grub...and no, we're not just talking about the city's many Wetherspoons!

Here, in our opinion, are the five best gastropubs in and around Cardiff:

 Lansdowne Pub Cardiff Food

The Lansdowne

Lansdowne Road, Canton

Image Source: @Thelansdownepub

The Lansdowne team describe their establishment as a "new old pub". They specialise in real ales, but they also serve up a great variety of pub meals, including steak, burgers, fish and chips, curry, and more.


Royal George Mexican Food

The Royal George

Mackintosh Place, Roath

Image Source:

Located at the centre of Cardiff's infamous 'death junction' (where Albany Road, Mackintosh Place, Crwys Road, Richmond Road and City Road all meet), The Royal George is a popular student haunt with loads of great food to munch on while you watch the football or psych yourself up for a game of pool.


Leigh Burger

The Gwaelod-y-Garth Inn

Main Road, Gwaelod-y-Garth

Image Source: @GwaelodInn

Gwaelod-y-Garth is a village near Taff's Well. If you want the picturesque country inn experience, the Gwaelod is well worth seeking out - it's great for Sunday lunch as well as for posh pub dishes (Tournedos Rossini, anyone?) during the week.



The Traveller's Rest 

Thornhill, Caerphilly

The Traveller's Rest is a great place to stop for a meal after a brisk outdoor walk. It has a cosy, rustic interior and a menu full of meals that will warm you right up.



The Corner House

Caroline Street, Central Cardiff

If you don't fancy straying away from the centre of town, don't worry - there's great pub grub to be had at The Corner House. Situated on the end of Chippy Lane - a street more famous for its cheap chip shops than for its hearty pub food - The Corner House is a hidden gem with loads of lovely dishes to choose from.

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Where would we be without coffee? Whether it's that first jolt of caffeine that gets you going in the morning or the decadent vanilla latte (with whipped cream on top, naturally) that you slurp as you sink into a comfy armchair at the end of the day, just about everyone enjoys a well-made cup of joe.

And if you live in Cardiff - or if you're here for a visit - you'll be pleased to learn that we have an abundance of superb coffee shops here in the Welsh capital. Yes, we have a Starbucks on every street just like every other city, but we're lucky enough to also have a number of enchanting indie cafés that are well worth exploring if you're a coffee lover. Here are three of our favourite such spots:



Location: Wood Street, Central Cardiff (among others)

The Coffee#1 brand is something of a local success story for our city. Huge expansion has seen Coffee#1 shops popping up all over Wales, the Midlands, and South West England (with more than 70 locations at time of writing), but it all started right here in Cardiff - the very first Coffee#1 branch is still open on Wood Street, right next to Cardiff Central Station. Coffee#1 offer a great variety of bites and beverages, with coffee sourced from all over the world and loads of great sweet treats to have alongside your brew. We particularly recommend the individual cheesecakes!


Little Man Coffee

The Little Man Coffee Co.

Location: Ivor House, Bridge Street, Central Cardiff

Image from

Little Man first opened its doors in the latter part of 2014, making them a fairly new face on the Cardiff coffee scene compared to Coffee#1 (est. 2001). Still, the Little Man team are clearly passionate about their coffee, and they're open from 7am until 9pm on weekdays, giving you a nice big window to go and check out their food and drink offerings before or after work. 


Coffee at The Deck Cardiff

The Deck

Location: Harrowby Street, Cardiff Bay

Image from


Tucked away in a tiny Cardiff Bay side road, The Deck is a real treat of a café that's well worth searching out. You may remember that we mentioned them here on the blog a little while back, but that was for their marvellous cakes - we think they merit another mention for their coffee! At time of writing The Deck is the #1 listing on TripAdvisor for 'Coffee & Tea' in Cardiff - if that's not reason enough to check them out, we're not sure what is!

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Have you munched more puff pastry cases than Paul Hollywood? Think you're a bit of a cake connoisseur? Well, you're in luck, because the city of Cardiff has some pretty outstanding places to get your freshly-baked fix! Here are some of the best:

The Deck

 The Deck

Image source: @_TheDeck

Partial to a cupcake (or ten)? If buttercream frosting is your thing, then The Deck has to be at the top of your list for grabbing a bite in the Bay! With a host of food awards under their belt, and an amazing eye for detail, it's not difficult to see why this coffee house and cakery has built such a loyal following with the cake-lovers of Cardiff! Whether you're looking for a simple cupcake and coffee, or a deliciously decadent afternoon tea, The Deck serves up an unbeatable selection of freshly-baked goodies, in a delightful and cosy setting!



No one does patisserie like the French, but even if you don't have the budget to fly over to France, you can still sample their baked delights right here in Cardiff! If you're looking for truly excellent sweet treats, that look as good as they taste, then Cocorico Patisserie is the ultimate indulgence to sample in the city. Hailing from France, and with experience in some of Cardiff's best-loved restaurants (including Milgi and Bullys), patisserie-owner Laurian brings both authenticity and local-knowledge to this business, with fantastic results!


Nata & Co

 Nata & Co

Image source: @natacouk

It's not just French offerings we serve up here in Cardiff! We're lucky enough to be home to a host of baking pros from around the world, including the amazing team at Nata&Co, who serve up mouth-watering Portuguese pastries! Thanks to the popularity of the once fledgling business, they're now expanding across Cardiff, so you'll be able to enjoy their fabulous selection of baked treats, wherever you are in the city! The stand-out has to be their iconic Pastel de Nata, which is guaranteed to have you leaving with takeaway box in hand!


Pettigrew Tea Rooms/Bakery

 Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Image source:

Everyone knows that there's only one place to go for afternoon tea in Cardiff, and that's Pettigrew! Serving up mouth-watering cakes and scones, it's been a firm favourite with locals and tourists for years, and now it even has its very own artisan bakery! While you'll have to pop outside the city centre to sample the latter, a trip to Cobridge Road East is truly worth it, to sample the delights of Pattigrew Bakeries. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or your a bigger fan of savoury breads and bakes, Pettigrew has it all, with a fantastically varied selection on offer.



Image source: @thedanishbakery

Didn't think we'd find another, authentic pastry of the world that you could sample here in Cardiff? Wrong! The Danish pastry is a firm favourite throughout the world, but those who haven't been lucky enough to visit Denmark itself, may not know how truly amazing their entire portfolio of baked goods are! Luckily, you can sample the wonderful creation that is the snegl, at Brød, which is cosily perched on a corner of Wyndham Crescent. This wonderfully Scandinavian bakery serves up a delicious array of breads and pastries, which are lovingly created by a proud Dane! 

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Got Beef

 Got Beef

Image source:

Located just outside of town, Got Beef is a pioneer of the growing foodie scene on Whitchurch Road. If you're looking for top-quality Welsh beef, served up in classic American style, then this is the place for you! Each burger on their menu has been crafted with a a balance of distinct flavours, whether you're looking for a recognisable onion and cheese combination, or something a bit different, such as the Indian-inspired Bombay burger! Order it with a serving of dirty fires, and you're good to go!


Five Guys

 Five Guys

Image source: @FiveGuysUK

Coming fresh from the US, this is probably the most authentically American burger experiences in the city, down to the foil-wrapping and sesame bun (not a brioche in sight). This is definitely what you would call a dirty burger, making it one to try for those who are looking to upgrade from the standard fast food offerings in town. With a huge choice of toppings, the burger is also perfect for everyone, from the incredibly fussy to those who enjoy a fully-loaded burger stack. Be warned, the offerings are a bit on the pricey side, so don't expect fast food price-point.


Shake Shack

Another American import, Shake Shack has caused some debate amongst Cardiff diners, but is a fast favourite with many burger devotees. Like Five Guys, the burgers are a bit on the pricey side, but for the taste, we'd say they are more than worth it! Getting the balance of ingredients spot-on, Shake Shack definitely delivers on the taste front, with a juicy meat patty and soft potato bun. Another stand out, is the selection of shakes and frozen custards, each of which are creamy and utterly delicious. If you're looking for a unique, Cardiff twist, go for the Welsh cake flavour, you won't regret it!


The Grazing Shed

The Grazing Shed 

Image source: @TheGrazingShed

It wouldn't be right to compile a list of Cardiff burgers, without giving this place a spot! Now with two locations in Cardiff's city centre, you have no excuse to miss out on an opportunity to visit one of the city's best-loved dining spots. With so many locals and tourists dubbing this the best burger in Cardiff, you at least have to find out what all the fuss is about for yourself, don't you? Whatever you decide to order, you're sure to be impressed with the size of the burger, and portion of delicious, chunky fries on the side!


Time and Beef

 Time and Beef

Image source: @timeandbeef

 Time and Beef is the new kid on the block, but it's already well on it's way to becoming the leader of Cardiff's burger scene, even with all that competition from American imports and local favourites! Time and Beef's selling point, is it's fantastic range of customisation options, which means that customers are able to order a truly bespoke burger. When we say customisation, we don't mean adding a few extra toppings! At Time and Beef, you get the chance to pick everything from your  bun to your patty, and everything between!

When it comes to pizza, Cardiff has an abundance of tasty offerings, dotted throughout the city centre and beyond. It's fair to say, that even Cardiff's chain restaurants pack a decent punch when it comes to pizza, as regular visitors to Zizzi or ASK Italian will testify. The real jewel in the city's crown, however, are some of its smallest spaces, serving up authentic pizza offerings that are good enough to rival those of Italy itself. 

Putting together this list certainly wasn't an easy task, but we wanted to show off some of Cardiff's best teeny tiny restaurants, which are doing amazing things with dough...

Dusty Knuckle

Dusty Knuckle

(Image source:

The first Pizza perfectionist on our list, is one of the city's top street food success stories. Having evolved from a well-loved pop-up, to their current set up at the Printhaus, Dusty Knuckle continue to retain their relaxed, authentic approach, while keeping up with Cardiff's growing appetite for their first-class pizzas. Combining well-thought out flavours, with authentic cooking methods and top Welsh ingredients, Dusty Knuckle bring their own unique flair to Cardiff's pizza scene.




(Image source:

 On a sunny day, you may just forget you're in Canton, and be transported to the Italian shores of Calabria. Decorated with a kitch collection of artefacts and photographs from the region which birthed this popular restaurant, the owners truly succeed in providing a distinctive atmosphere in which to serve their famous pizzas. The pizza offerings at Clabrisella are not only delicious, but come in a more-than-generous portion size, which means you'll often be able to take a little slice of Italy away to enjoy later.


Cafe Citta 

 Cafe Citta Pizza

(Image source:

We know it can be pretty hard to get a table, but if you haven't visited Cardiff's best-loved Italian yet, then what have you been doing? Popular with visitors to the city as well as locals, there's a reason that this mini marvel always makes it to the Trip Advisor top ten. While Cafe Citta specialise in a a selection of Italian dishes, all of which will leave you wanting more, their Pizzas really are a stand-out pick! If you're spoilt for choice, go for the daily special - you won't be disappointed!


Real Italian Pizza Company 

 Real Italian Pizza

(Image source:

If you're looking for a modern take on authentic Italian pizza, then The Real Italian Pizza Company are the ones to deliver. The relaxed, bright and modern venue sits just opposite St John the Baptist Church, which makes their dining experience a feast for the senses before you've even tucked into your food! If the smell of their wood-fired oven isn't enough to entice you inside, then the sheer variety of pizzas on offer is sure to seal the deal!


Da Mara

 Da Mara Pizza

(Image source: @DaMaraCardiff)

 To get an idea of how good this place is, all you really have to do is look at the amount of exclamation points used in its Trip Advisor reviews. In short: It's fantastic!!!! Just a  stone's throw away from Roath Lake, a pizza fresh from Da Mara's 'Stefana Ferrara' log burning oven is the ultimate compliment to any day-out in the city. Using a traditional Neapolitan recipe and quality ingredients, Da Mara produces a classic pizza that will impress even the most well-versed pizza connoisseurs. 

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