When purchasing a new cooker, the variety of choice can be a little overwhelming. Not only do you have several established manufacturers to choose from, you have several colours, shapes and sizes to peruse and perhaps most importantly of all - you need to choose which sort of hobs will meet your cooking requirements. Initially, many people forget how imperative a hob is to a cooker, but the three main types of hob - electric, ceramic and gas are so fundamentally different from each other that which one you choose should be based on more than looks alone. 

Electric Hobs 

Electric Hob

Electric hobs are favoured by many for their cost-effectiveness, as they are the cheapest of all three options by quite some stretch. Run by electricity, these hobs take a while to heat up and consequently you'll need to wait some time before you start cooking. This is seen by some as a downfall, because the hobs do not omit heat instantly, however apart from cooking time, it has no effect on the quality of your meals so many opt for this choice to save money! 

Gas Hobs 

Gas Hob

Gas hobs are more popular than electric hobs for the simple reason that they heat up immediately. Though not as attractive as electric or ceramic hobs, due to the raw flame they provide instant heat and consequently make for quick cooking. This is favoured by many, though gas hobs are fairly difficult to clean and have been known to get messy fairly quickly.

Ceramic Hobs 

Ceramic Hob

The most expensive choice of the three, ceramic hobs are by far the Rolls Royce of hobs. They provide almost instantaneous heat and are significantly more aesthetically pleasing than the previous two options. Due to the flat surface they are also quick and easy to clean, though these desirable features do come at a cost - and they are significantly more pricey than say the electric hob. 

Finding the right hob for you is simple, you just need to decide whether cost, design or convenience is your main priority when it comes to cooking. Electric, gas and ceramic hobs all have their own individual benefits, and each will perform to the best of their ability and play to their own strengths. 

Kitchen Economy offers a free delivery service for all hobs - or alternatively a click and collect if you'd prefer to collect your product from our store directly. We can also install these products for you, saving you another job! To discuss which option is best for you, simply give us a call on 02920496816.