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Induction Hobs Cardiff, Newport & South Wales

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The induction hob is a stylish, energy-efficient alternative to traditional hobs and burners. Induction hobs cook by passing an electromagnetic current to the pan; since they don't actually heat up, they are much safer than any other hob, remaining cool to the touch even when you've only just finished cooking! Suitable for a young family or just enjoy the latest cutting-edge technology, then you’ll want to buy an induction hob.

Looking for a built-in oven to match your brand new hob? Or keen to upgrade your kitchen with a state-of-the-art range cooker? Then check out our complete range of cooking appliances at Kitchen Economy.

What is an Induction Hob?

If you are thinking of replacing your current hobs, an induction hob could well be the perfect choice for you. The hobs take very little time to get going, and as previously mentioned, they use far less energy than gas and electric hobs. Factor in the sleek, contemporary look and induction hobs start to look like the ultimate accessory for the modern kitchen!

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