Cooker Buying Guide

Before making a cooker purchase, there are a few important considerations to make. At the heart of the kitchen, a cooker can make or break the functionality of this vital space.

Whether you're a keen cook looking to show off to your friends or a busy working family, making an informed choice about your purchase is extremely important.


The first decision you'll need to make is the fuel type. There are currently three combinations of fuels that can significantly alter your culinary expeditions.


The all gas cooker is solely powered by gas across the oven and the hob. This offers an immediate, reliable and precise heat source on the hob, making it a popular choice with professional chefs and enthusiastic home cooks.

The accompanying oven provides a traditional cooking experience with hotter temperatures at the top of the cavity, which is perfect for Sunday roasts.


Picking an electric cooker gives you three choices over your preferred hob, including solid plate, ceramic and induction. Although the main oven won't heat up as quickly as it's gas counterpart, they often come with a fan evenly distributes the hot air across the cavity.

Consequently, this option tends to be more popular with bakers who need consistent oven temperatures.

Dual Fuel

Combining the benefits of instant hob heat of a gas cooker with the stable oven temperatures of an electric cooker, dual fuel cookers give you the ideal conditions for a variety of dishes.


The second consideration you'll have to make is the number of cavities you need. This can impact the number of dishes you can cook at the same time, letting you feed small of three all the way to hosting large dinner parties.

Single Cavity

The smallest cooking capacity offered is the single cavity. Equipped with just one main oven and integrated grill, you'll have all the cooking options you need in one location. Often boasting larger oven space, you'll have plenty of space to prepare a hearty family meal.

Twin Cavity

The next step up, twin cavities come with a main oven and a separate grill compartment. Unlike single cavities, you won't quite have the largest oven capacity, but you'll be able to use the grill and oven at the same time.

Double Oven

Finally, the double oven provides the best of the previous options. Coming with one larger main oven and a second smaller oven with integrated grill, you'll be able to cook larger scale meals with ease.


Cookers come in three standard widths, giving you the flexibility to design your kitchen to meet your cooking requirements. Furthermore, this makes it easy when trying to replace an old cooker when the time comes.

The two most common widths are 50cm and 60cm, but there is also a rarer 55cm option should you desire. Other measurements such as height and depth tend to be roughly the same across brands, so you'll have no problem fitting them against your kitchen cabinets.


The hot zone is the area directly above the hob surface and it is extremely important that this area only contains heat resistant materials, including plug sockets, shelves and wallpaper.

For both gas and electric hobs, this area needs to measure at least 75cm between the hob surface to the cooker hood.


Over the years we've been asked a wide range of questions during cooker purchases. Here is a list of other common questions we get asked.

Are all gas cookers LPG convertible?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. Nowadays, most gas cookers are no longer LPG convertible, but there are still cookers that allow this option. We suggest you check the manual before purchasing, as this vary depending on the model.

What cooker features should I look out for?

Many cookers now come with so many features that it can be difficult to decipher which are most important. Here are our recommended lookouts:

  • Timer - this is a fairly obvious option, but a lot of cheaper models no longer come with a built-in timer.
  • Controls - the control knobs or touch controls on your cooker can drastically change the look of your kitchen.
  • Catalytic liners - unlike enamel lined cavities, catalytic liners absorb grease which are then broken down at higher temperatures.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning - the next step up above catalytic liners, pyrolytic cleaning heats up the oven to extremely hot temperatures that burns off any dirt.
  • Multifunctional oven - many ovens now come with multiple cooking functions that let you use a combination of grilling, fan and even steam.

How much does it cost to install a cooker?

Here at Kitchen Economy we have priced our installation services extremely competitively in the market for the cheapest basket value in South Wales!

  • Electric cooker - £42
  • Gas cooker - £66
  • Dual fuel cooker - £66

On average, that puts us £19-£90 cheaper than AO, John Lewis, Currys and Appliances Direct!

Scandinavian kitchen design is a favourite amongst many who are looking for a minimalistic, yet beautiful interior style. At its heart, Scandinavian design showcases light colours, clean lines, organic shapes and natural materials. This calm approach to kitchen interiors will add sophistication to your most used room in the house.

Harking to the Nordic landscape, climate and lifestyle, Scandinavian kitchen design embodies elegance and luxury, without having to sacrifice the simplistic style. By using lighter hues, textural interest and hidden storage, your kitchen will look and feel brighter and spacious. We shall guide you through the essential design elements that every Scandinavian wannabe should incorporate into their kitchen.



The colour white is synonymous with the Scandinavian style. Long, cold and dark winters have dictated this colour choice as homeowners try to escape the gloominess outside. White and light colours add brightness that reflects any natural light, whilst promoting an airy and cheerful surrounding. A white and light colour palette is the foundation that any Scandinavian kitchen is built upon and should be the starting post.

However, solely having a white kitchen will not qualify as a ‘true’ Scandinavian interior. You will need to incorporate other features such as natural materials that add a wholesome edge. Furthermore, a colourful accent will be able to soften the bright whites, which can induce cosiness and subtle warmth.



White and light hues create a blank canvas to sculpt your perfect kitchen. Whilst making the most of natural light, a purely white interior can easily become harsh and intense. Adding a colourful accent to your kitchen will encourage a softness that will curb the concentrated brightness. This can be achieved with pastel hues on kitchenware, or perhaps a green tiled backsplash for an earthy evocation.

Although stronger hues should be avoided, but when used with restraint, they can add vibrancy. As a general rule, summer colours and earthy tones work the best with this style. Please remember when using a pattern or colour, it is important to be strategic. Cabinets in a light yellow or a dusky green backdrop will bring your kitchen style to life, but can soon become overpowering when used frequently.



Wood, marble, granite and other natural materials create an elegant and luxurious feel without sacrificing the minimalist look. Additionally, they offer practical and easy to clean surfaces. Other materials could include ceramic and stone panels which create a rustic undertone to your Scandinavian kitchen. Simple, yet classic examples of incorporating these materials are through worktops, furniture and splashbacks.



A great way to incorporate wooden materials into your kitchen, whilst also maintaining the traditional seamless style, is through the use of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. By integrating this feature into your kitchen, you will be able to choose a finish that contains a range of interesting textures.



As is the case for most of us, kitchen space can come at a premium. Luckily, the minimalist approach of Scandinavian design allows you to make the most of your restricted space. Contrasting with other kitchen interiors, the Scandinavian style looks equally as dignified in small and large spaces. As simplicity is a vital component of this Nordic style, wall-mounted cabinets, smooth shelving and unbroken worktops ensure every centimetre of your kitchen is utilised.

Ensuring you choose the best appliances for your kitchen is always important, however this is even more so the case with less space. With ergonomic design and the correct appliance choice, your kitchen will remain functional and sophisticated.



As highlighted above, ensuring you have the correct appliance for your kitchen design is vital to achieving this classic Nordic look. The crucial aspect to remember when choosing your appliances is to match them with your materials and colour palette. If you have granite or dark wooden worktops, a black or silver appliance can complement these materials. On the other hand, if you stuck to the traditional white counters and marble worktops, a white or silver appliance will be a perfect companion.

If you want your appliances to be the centrepiece of the room, then selecting a contrasting colour will focus attention. Chosen an all-white kitchen? Select a black range cooker and fridge freezer such as the Rangemaster PROP90DFFSS/C and Samsung RS52N3213BC to add a new layer of sophistication.

Do you have one of the above mentioned smaller kitchens with limited space? Integrated appliances are the key to saving vital floor space, keeping your kitchen open and airy. These versatile appliances are able to slot seamlessly into existing counters and worktops. As this guide has demonstrated, fundamental to the Scandinavian kitchen design are flowing and seamless lines. Facilitating this through the integrated appliances will ensure every surface remains sleek in this traditional style.


The Neff range of appliances is a great example of using built-in models that fit snuggly into your existing kitchen units. Made of black and silver, their range of built-in ovens and cooker hobs are an ideal match with the chic Nordic design. Looking for a versatile gas hob, check out the Neff T26DS49N0. Need an accompanying oven? The Neff B3ACE4HN0B would complement a wooden counter and a granite worktop.

virgin pina colada

A Piña Colada has become a popular cocktail that is consumed throughout the year. From the cold winter months to the height of summer, our Virgin Piña Colada recipe is a great non-alcoholic alternative to the classic. Whether you’re participating in Dry January or looking for a family-friendly substitute, mocktails are a great beverage for every occasion.


The name of this famous cocktail translates from Spanish as ‘strained pineapple’. It was first created in Puerto Rico during the 1950s and later became the national drink in 1978! Traditional recipes contain rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice which are blended or shaken with ice.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Enjoy this tropical treat all year round with these creamy, invigorating and non-alcoholic Virgin Piña Coladas. We’ll transport you to the sunny Puerto Rican beaches with every sip, including no flying and passports!

pina colada glass


  • 3/4 cup of pineapple juice (ideally freshly strained)
  • 1 cup cream of coconut
  • 2 cups of ice
  • Fresh pineapple wedges (optional)
  • Maraschino cherries (optional)


  1. Stir cream of coconut to ensure fat and liquids are combined. Once thoroughly mixed, add pineapple juice and stir.
  2. Add ice to a blender and run until drink is at desired consistency. (We prefer a slushier consistency – 3 to 4 minutes).
  3. Pour into two tumblers and garnish with fresh pineapple wedges and maraschino cherries.

Don’t have a blender? No problem! Simply place ice into a sandwich or resealable bag and hit with a rolling pin.

Enjoy this simple three ingredient drink and imagine being surrounded by sand and the sea, sipping peacefully in sunny Puerto Rico.


vegan restaurants cardiff


Veganism has unarguably gained popularity over the past few years. Many people are being made aware of the animal welfare and exploitation concerns raised by activists. However, other people are being attracted to the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet. Whether you’re looking to participate in Veganuary, or just want to remove meat and dairy from your diet, we have the perfect guide of the top 7 vegan restaurants in Cardiff!

Do you prefer cooking vegan dishes at home? Make sure you have the right cooking appliances to make preparing your own dairy-free creations as easy as possible. That is where Kitchen Economy can help! Our collection of freestanding cookers, built-in ovens and cooker hobs will kit out your kitchen with the highest quality models from leading European brands.


Anna Loka

location 114 Albany Road, Cardiff, CF24 3RU

phone 02920 497 703

money ££


Anna Loka first blessed Albany Road back in July 2015 with owner Adam, a Hare Krishna monk, opening the doors. Adam’s passion for spreading the veganism message translates directly into the delicious food.

anna loka

Solely vegan, the enticing plant-based menu offers a range of fantastic dishes that will please any lover of food, regardless of eating habits. Popular amongst the Cardiff foodies, this café and kombucha bar will definitely leave you feeling fully satisfied!


The Lazy Leek

location Cabin 7A, Kings Road Yard, 183A Kinds Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9DF

phone 02920 225 270

money £


Although not a restaurant, The Lazy Leek is a delightful ‘shack’ that can be found in the vibrant Kings Road Yard in Pontcanna. Specialising in 100% vegan street food that uses locally and ethically sourced produce, this family-run business has been offering wholesome plant-based foods since 2009.

lazy leek

Partial to a gourmet burger accompanied with triple cooked chunky chips? Then this perfect place for you! Perfectly situated amongst other independent businesses, you’ll find other great food and drink ventures. If you’re lucky, you can even find the Lazy Leek team at a local festival or event near you.


Greazy Vegan

location 47-49 Castle Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BW

phone 07943 166 906

money £


A relative new-comer to the Cardiff vegan scene, the Greazy Vegan is a cruelty-free junk food joint and takeaway located in the beautiful Castle Arcade. Previously found only in pop-up form, they opened their brick and mortar shop in August 2018.

greazy vegan

Get your fast food fix without any of the guilt! Menu items include ‘chicken’ wings, The Big Moc and The Vopper. Head over to the Greazy Vegan or order over an app to get the perfect junk food fix that is 100% plant-based.



location Unit 20, Capitol Centre, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2HQ

phone 02920 390 391

money £


Atma is an Ahimsa vegetarian and vegan café for people who are looking for a holistic food and lifestyle experience. No matter your age, you can enjoy wholesome food, yoga classes and even musical meditation sessions in one single location!


The mission statement at Atma is to satisfy the bodies, minds and souls of the Cardiff population, making sure everyone is able to live a healthy and happy life. The word Atma originates from Sanskrit meaning the self, or soul, the eternal spark of energy and consciousness that can be found in every living entity. With sacred food being the forefront of their venture, a visit here will leave you feeling enriched and fulfilled.



location 213 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JD

phone 02920 473 150

money ££


Opening in 2006, MILGI is the backbone of the vegan community in Cardiff. Converting to an all vegetarian and vegan menu in 2010, they have been pushing the standards of plant-based diets for many years!


As well as their renowned restaurant and bar, you will also find members of the MILGI team at Cardiff Central Market. The modern market kitchen is great if you're looking for natural plant-based fast food to take away.


Vegetarian Food Studio

location 115-117 Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 6JU

phone 02920 238 222

money £


The Vegetarian Food Studio, as the name suggests, is an all vegetarian and vegan restaurant that can be found in Grangetown. A family run business, this award winning eatery has been serving dishes for over 15 years!

The Vegetarian Food Studio has also made a name of itself through their event catering service throughout the UK including weddings, various parties and religious occasions that cover 50 to 2000 guests. Enjoy high quality vegan Indian food in Cardiff from this award winning establishment!


Blanche Bakery

location 16 MacKintosh Place, Cardiff, CF24 4RQ

money £


Blanche Bakery is another relatively new addition to the vegan venues in Cardiff. Located in Roath, Blanche offers jaw-droppingly beautiful dairy-free baked goods and beverages that are guaranteed to please everyone! From doughnuts to iced lattes, your sweet tooth will be dragging you right into this wonderful vegan café.

blanche bakery

Open Thursday to Sunday, Blanche will be your new local café for group gatherings or quick chat ups with your friends. Make sure you get in quick – or reserve through their Facebook page! These delicious vegan bakes disappear quickly.

Child Friendly Resturants Cardiff

If you have a small brood that follows you wherever you go, it's difficult to find the right place to go when eating out. Will they like the food? Will there be a couple of crayons to keep them occupied? Will we disturb the other diners? All of these questions are standard when it comes to searching for a child friendly restaurant. Luckily, there are plenty of child friendly restaurants in Cardiff and we're going to take a look at some of the best today. 

The Harvester


Photo credit to @HarvesterUK


Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff Bay, CF11 0SN


Everything about The Harvester is ideal for families, making it one of the best child friendly restaurants in Cardiff. From the wide selection of varied food, to the £5.99 kids menu, to the colouring pages provided on the tables - the Cardiff Bay Harvester is a lovely place to take your tribe. Oh, and don't forget about the free salad!

Cedar Tree Farm

Cedar Tree Farm

Photo credit to Cedar Tree Farm


Ferry Road, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 0JR


Cedar Tree Farm is a cosy carvery situated on the way into Cardiff Bay. With a fantastic selection of choices on their kid's menu ranging from as cheap as £2.99, Cedar Tree Farm is more than just a child friendly restaurant in Cardiff, it's fun for all the family. They also have an excellent selection of ice cream and cake, so be sure your little ones aren't wearing white when you head here!

The Three Horse Shoes

Three Horseshoes

Photo credit to The Three Horseshoes


Merthyr Road, Gabalfa, Cardiff, CF15 1DL


The Three Horseshoes is another lovely, quaint child friendly restaurant in Cardiff. It's pub like atmosphere is great for a particularly rowdy bunch of small humans. Complete with a full kids menu with plates to suit all palates, the Three Horseshoes is another great place to go for a family outing. 

Fox & Hounds 

Fox and Hounds

Photo credit to the Fox & Hounds


Old Church Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 1AD


Similar to the others on this list, the Fox & Hounds has a wonderful pub-like atmosphere (are you sensing a theme here?) which makes it the perfect for everyone and anyone. With a full children's menu, special offers daily and an impressive outdoor playing area, what's not to love? Your children will be fed and entertained while you sun yourself in the beer garden.

For more tips and tricks on the best places to eat and things to do in Cardiff, follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Or if you would prefer to stay in and cook a meal for your loved ones, browse our appliances here.