Whether you're looking to increase your storage capacity or looking upgrade your kitchen, an American fridge freezer will certainly be the envy of your guests.

Offering lots of storage features, ice and water dispensers as well as plenty of capacity, it is important to find the best appliance for your household. 


The first consideration to make is how much capacity you will need for your household. Offering a much more storage than other standard fridge freezers, you'll be able to feed lots more hungry mouths.

  • 200 litres: 1-2 people and can hold up to 11 bags of shopping.
  • 400 litres: 2-3 people and can hold up to 22 bags of shopping.
  • 600 litres: 4-5 people and can hold up to 33 bags of shopping.
  • 700+ litres: 5+ people and can hold up to 38 bags of shopping.

As American fridge freezers offer such large capacities, the models will always be freestanding. This gives you the flexibility to position the appliance wherever is most convenient for your interior.


Before making your purchase, we suggest you watch out for the following features to ensure your appliance works for you. 

Energy Rating

As your American fridge freezer will have to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you need to watch out for appliances with high energy ratings.

Ranging from A+ to A+++, you'll be able to save money on your utility bills whilst keeping your food fresh.

Water/Ice Dispenser

A popular feature with a lot of manufactures, water and ice dispensers give you an instant supply of freshly cooled water and ice cubes to create delicious drinks.

It is important to check if your appliance will need to be plumbed or uses a reservoir, as this will change the installation method.

Smart Technology

If you own a smartphone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, it is worth looking out for Smart Technology enabled appliances. By connecting your model to the WiFi, you'll be able to remotely adjust temperatures and settings.


Over the years, we've been asked a wide variety of questions before purchase. Here is a list of just a few of these.


What is Holiday Mode?

You'll find that some models will have a Holiday Mode function. This makes sure that your food stays fresh whilst you're away, but reduces energy consumption by slightly raising the temperatures.

Do all American fridge freezers require a plumbed water supply?

A signature feature for lots of models, a water and ice dispenser will sometimes require plumbing into your main supply. However, some use a built-in reservoir that will need to be refilled regularly.

Are the running costs expensive?

This depends entirely on the energy efficiency ratings, but most models have a rating of A+ to A+++, so you can have peace of mind that your utility bills stay under control.

What temperature should a freezer and fridge be?

The fridge section should have temperatures at or below 4°C, whilst the freezer compartment should have a temperature of around -18°C. Keeping temperatures stable is important for keeping your food fresh and free of bacteria.

How long should I leave my new appliance to settle?

When installing a new appliance, it's important leave it to stand before plugging it in. We always recommend you leave the appliance at least 4 hours.