Scandinavian kitchen design is a favourite amongst many who are looking for a minimalistic, yet beautiful interior style. At its heart, Scandinavian design showcases light colours, clean lines, organic shapes and natural materials. This calm approach to kitchen interiors will add sophistication to your most used room in the house.

Harking to the Nordic landscape, climate and lifestyle, Scandinavian kitchen design embodies elegance and luxury, without having to sacrifice the simplistic style. By using lighter hues, textural interest and hidden storage, your kitchen will look and feel brighter and spacious. We shall guide you through the essential design elements that every Scandinavian wannabe should incorporate into their kitchen.



The colour white is synonymous with the Scandinavian style. Long, cold and dark winters have dictated this colour choice as homeowners try to escape the gloominess outside. White and light colours add brightness that reflects any natural light, whilst promoting an airy and cheerful surrounding. A white and light colour palette is the foundation that any Scandinavian kitchen is built upon and should be the starting post.

However, solely having a white kitchen will not qualify as a ‘true’ Scandinavian interior. You will need to incorporate other features such as natural materials that add a wholesome edge. Furthermore, a colourful accent will be able to soften the bright whites, which can induce cosiness and subtle warmth.



White and light hues create a blank canvas to sculpt your perfect kitchen. Whilst making the most of natural light, a purely white interior can easily become harsh and intense. Adding a colourful accent to your kitchen will encourage a softness that will curb the concentrated brightness. This can be achieved with pastel hues on kitchenware, or perhaps a green tiled backsplash for an earthy evocation.

Although stronger hues should be avoided, but when used with restraint, they can add vibrancy. As a general rule, summer colours and earthy tones work the best with this style. Please remember when using a pattern or colour, it is important to be strategic. Cabinets in a light yellow or a dusky green backdrop will bring your kitchen style to life, but can soon become overpowering when used frequently.



Wood, marble, granite and other natural materials create an elegant and luxurious feel without sacrificing the minimalist look. Additionally, they offer practical and easy to clean surfaces. Other materials could include ceramic and stone panels which create a rustic undertone to your Scandinavian kitchen. Simple, yet classic examples of incorporating these materials are through worktops, furniture and splashbacks.



A great way to incorporate wooden materials into your kitchen, whilst also maintaining the traditional seamless style, is through the use of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. By integrating this feature into your kitchen, you will be able to choose a finish that contains a range of interesting textures.



As is the case for most of us, kitchen space can come at a premium. Luckily, the minimalist approach of Scandinavian design allows you to make the most of your restricted space. Contrasting with other kitchen interiors, the Scandinavian style looks equally as dignified in small and large spaces. As simplicity is a vital component of this Nordic style, wall-mounted cabinets, smooth shelving and unbroken worktops ensure every centimetre of your kitchen is utilised.

Ensuring you choose the best appliances for your kitchen is always important, however this is even more so the case with less space. With ergonomic design and the correct appliance choice, your kitchen will remain functional and sophisticated.



As highlighted above, ensuring you have the correct appliance for your kitchen design is vital to achieving this classic Nordic look. The crucial aspect to remember when choosing your appliances is to match them with your materials and colour palette. If you have granite or dark wooden worktops, a black or silver appliance can complement these materials. On the other hand, if you stuck to the traditional white counters and marble worktops, a white or silver appliance will be a perfect companion.

If you want your appliances to be the centrepiece of the room, then selecting a contrasting colour will focus attention. Chosen an all-white kitchen? Select a black range cooker and fridge freezer such as the Rangemaster PROP90DFFSS/C and Samsung RS52N3213BC to add a new layer of sophistication.

Do you have one of the above mentioned smaller kitchens with limited space? Integrated appliances are the key to saving vital floor space, keeping your kitchen open and airy. These versatile appliances are able to slot seamlessly into existing counters and worktops. As this guide has demonstrated, fundamental to the Scandinavian kitchen design are flowing and seamless lines. Facilitating this through the integrated appliances will ensure every surface remains sleek in this traditional style.


The Neff range of appliances is a great example of using built-in models that fit snuggly into your existing kitchen units. Made of black and silver, their range of built-in ovens and cooker hobs are an ideal match with the chic Nordic design. Looking for a versatile gas hob, check out the Neff T26DS49N0. Need an accompanying oven? The Neff B3ACE4HN0B would complement a wooden counter and a granite worktop.