Reduce Your Cost Of Living With Euronics

Reduce Your Cost Of Living With Euronics

As the cost of living continues to climb, we understand that many of you are thinking about ways to cut down financially and environmentally. While we can't change the cost, we can recommend energy-efficient home appliance that can help you save money.

Innovative Technologies

Heat Pump Technology

If you want to save costs, use a heat pump drier. Heat pump dryers take longer to dry clothing, but they use less electricity. Hot air absorbs moisture from your clothes to get them dry. The air then passes through an evaporator, removing the moisture which is stored in a tank. The remaining air is re-heated and re-circulated back into the drum to begin the process again.


Blomberg’s VitaminCare+ technology harnesses the power of nature inside your fridge freezer. Using coloured LED lights, this feature simulates the sun’s natural 24-hour light cycle. Nutrients and vitamins are preserved in fruit and vegetables, keeping your food fresher for longer, and reducing waste.

Eco Programmes

Programmes on dishwashers and washing machines are generally a mix of time, water, and temperature. A combination of which is dependent on the one you choose. Eco modes are different. They use less water and a lower temperature than other settings. They generally take a lot longer too. This is because heating the water takes the most energy – up to 90% in fact in a washing machine. So, a longer cycle doesn’t need to be as hot, reducing your energy consumption.

Induction Technology

Cooking with an induction hob is quicker and more energy efficient than other hobs, here’s why. Heat is transferred directly to the pan rather than onto the glass cooking surface. This means that food is cooked quickly, without wasting any heat, making induction hobs a good choice for saving on your bills.