Hisense Euros Cashback Offer

Hisense Euros Cashback Offer

Celebrate with Hisense for the upcoming UEFA Women's Euro Competition with this amazing cashback offer. Claim up to £150 CASHBACK on selected Hisense appliance purchases today! Running from 01/06/22 to 26/07/22, you will have plenty of time to claim money back on selected purchases. Visit our Cardiff showroom or buy online to be eligible for this limited offer!

How to claim:

  • Wait for the claim period to open and then submit your claim online between 24.08.22 – 20.09.22.

  • Click here to start your claim.

  • When making a claim you will be required to provide your full name, address, phone number, email address, valid Hisense product code, valid Hisense product serial number and purchase date for the Qualifying Products you have purchased, as well as details of the Participating Retailer from whom you purchased the products. Proof of purchase must also be provided to make a claim.