Sustainability - Just Ask

Sustainability - Just Ask

Save both the planet and your wallet with the Euronics Sustainability - Just Ask Campaign. From water-saving washing machines to fridges that keep food fresher for longer you'll be able to take care of your household needs whilst reducing waste and/or energy use. If you want more information just pop in and Just Ask at our Cardiff showroom.

Sustainability Pillars


The majority of sustainable technology may be classified into one of these three categories. So look out for these logos the next time you visit our store to help you navigate the sustainable products that we sell.





Key Technologies

Heat pumps, auto dosing, induction hobs, eco programmes, washable filters, and sensor drying technology are some of the technologies we can provide.

Energy Efficiency Labels

Why The New Label?

The United Kingdom implemented a new energy label in 2020. Consumers will be able to compare efficiency among items more easily if energy performance is spread across a much larger scale. Furthermore, it will establish new requirements for energy-saving appliances, resulting in further savings for customers while achieving environmental obligations made by manufacturers and the government.

Check out the video below and this handy guide for everything you need to know about energy-efficient appliances.